Candy Queen: Pregnant Entrepreneur Goes Reality TV

Who doesn’t love candy??? So says the Candy Queen of Hollywood, the star of TLC’s reality TV show of the same name. If you put aside, for a moment, the fact that very little on reality TV is real, this is a great story. This woman is living her dream outside of cubicle-land, and clearly loving it!  Think food stylist, but more fun.


On a recent episode, Jackie, the Candy Queen and her husband visit the doctor for a checkup, “even though there’s so much work to be done”, and they learn the sex of the baby. Yes, because if you are like me, you NEED THESE DETAILS. Sorry for the shouting, but I really don’t understand the not knowing. I figure, you get to be surprised at some point. Why not be surprised in month minus-three, so there is plenty of time to make arrangements???


So, if you are wondering if you can run a business and still be pregnant, the answer is YES. And you can apparently add a TV crew to your day and still make it through just fine. I’ve been there (minus the camera crew), and if you are living your dream, you can do this, too!