Motherhood: There is No Balance

The title pretty much sums it up.  I read Every Single Article that comes across my desk with the words “balance” and “motherhood”.  I have it about as good as it gets, really.  Honestly, I write my own hours, I have a husband who shares the load, and I don’t have any crazy extenuating circumstances like a high-needs child or a high-maintenance parent.  But still I look for the magic bullet to creating a more successful day, often bolstered by coffee and/or chocolate. 

Today, I’ll share a good one from a friend with a wicked sense of humor, Kelly Brown.  She normally writes over at her blog, The Turnip Farmer.  She tells it like it is from her situation as a person working for an employer.  But really, she could be any mom, with any permutation of work/stay-at-homedness.  Do you recognize yourself in this article at all? 

Finding the Balance as a Working Mom