Can You Run a Business While Pregnant? Of course you can!

They say we tell stories to know we are not alone.  When I first became pregnant in my late thirties, after I had started my own small business, I felt very alone.  I couldn’t find any books, magazines, or stories about women business owners and how they made it through their pregnancies.  Two years later, when I was expecting my second child, I still couldn’t find any books on the subject.  So I wrote one.

My background includes management experience at a multi-national communications company, experience working with small businesses, and an MBA from Temple University.  But my favorite job has been as the owner of my own business, HeartWork Organizing, since 2005.   I live just outside of Philadelphia, PA with my lovely family.  That’s a seriously outdated photo of me, five months prego with baby number 2.  (Fashion tip: busy prints hide the bump.)

My pregancies were both healthy and fun.  I was the annoying woman who absolutely loved being pregnant, even the icky parts.  I enjoyed the special attention from strangers and the new excuses to shop.  I did not, however, like the maternity clothing.

The Pregnant Entrepreneur is first for my children, then for all the women that I hope it will encourage.  While there are more women than ever starting businesses today, many women put their dreams on hold or minimize their efforts when they have kids.  I hope that pregnant entrepreneurs  and women business owners of all stripes will be more confident and profitable, whether their businesses are multi-national or teeny-tiny.