Circle of Moms: Top 25 Book Author Moms Award 2012

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Q:What tips would you give a mom who wants to write a book?

If you want to write a book, start writing. Seriously, that’s it. Also, start connecting with others who can help bring your book to market. Writing your book is the easiest part. Publishing the book is harder. Marketing the book is even harder.  But in the end, if your book is something you believe in, or if you have a story only you can tell, then all of the hours you put in both pre- and post-publishing will be worth it. Don’t write a book because you can.  Write it because you must.

Q:How do you balance writing and motherhood?

I was absolutely possessed to write The Pregnant Entrepreneur. I was pregnant with my second child when it became clear that I was the one to write it. Much of the book is about how there is very little balance in a mother’s life, and even less in the life of a mom who is also an entrepreneur. Moms use the kind of balance needed to ride a bike: always in motion, constantly adjusting your position and center of gravity, going off road when the old path doesn’t lead you to the right end. My children have always seen me working, but very often they don’t realize that I’m working because my life as an entrepreneur is so much fun and I’m around more than I would be if I had to go to an office 10 hours a day. I want them growing up knowing that you can achieve everything you strive for, but you don’t have to “have it all,” at least not all at the same time. My main business, a successful professional organizing and design business ( , makes even more demands on my day and time with family than my book does, so I make sure that I really love what I’m doing.  Since I’m the boss in both my kitchen  and my business, shame on me if I’m not creating a life that I love. Entrepreneurship offers the best path to a workday that caters to a mother’s own family needs.


Q:Where do you find writing inspiration?

The inspiration for The Pregnant Entrepreneur was personal. I needed a guidebook to get me through something completely new, which was how to get through my special nine months as a credible and successful entrepreneur. I was honored to include in my book the stories of other women who have gone through pregnancy while running their own business. It’s hard to find these stories when you most need to hear them. Even with all of the improvements in women’s rights and working conditions, women are still largely unsupported in the US as young mothers, so I wanted to give women a heads up on the issues they will face as pregnant entrepreneurs. The book includes some simple spreadsheets in the book to help women do things like fund their own maternity leave, so they can stay home with their newborn for as long as possible. I want to encourage women to take the next step to their dreams. Technology has created an amazing opportunity to kick the Old Boy’s Club to the curb and really maximize the New Girl’s Club. We are put on this earth to help each other, and women’s stories from around the world inspire me to encourage others.  Since writing the book, both of my blogs ( and ) provide a platform to help other women and men live more organized, peaceful and maybe even more balanced lives…even though balance is like the mythical unicorn.  But wouldn’t it be great to happen upon it one day?

Not Quite Sick

I am never sick. So how did I lose three days last week? I swear this kind of thing started when I was pregnant, and has only gotten worse with two children.

Before becoming a mom, if I was sick, I would call in to the boss, change my voice mail greeting, and crawl back under the covers.

During pregnancy, the days when I felt wrung out were mitigated by my sweetheart offering extra foot rubs.

Now, I have days that I recognize as being sick days only in retrospect. I was upright, driving, and taking care of daily tasks, but I was not really a functioning human. I was not taking care of things like returning phone calls, balancing checkbooks, and keeping up with emails. I re-emerged from the lost days to piles of laundry, piles of mail, and piles of whatever landed by the back door.

As the song goes, Mama said there’d be days like this. A few days like this don’t make you (or me) a bad person, chronically disorganized, or hopeless. They are just what happens. This isn’t pollyanna, but rather a reality check. The mom handbook doesn’t allow for sick days, but you can slow things to a crawl for a few days and still run your business and your life successfully when you return to speed. Take care of you, even when you really are running ragged.  If you are the boss of your company, no one else is going to do it for you.  My post-sick day remedy includes chocolate. Here’s wishing you some.

The Pregnant Entrepreneur Unleashed

Congratulations!  You’re pregnant! 

If you own a business, you’ve come to the right place.  Until now, working women were all lumped together when it came to pregnancy.  It turns out that women who own their own business have a whole different set of issues than do their corporate counterparts. 

Who pays for your maternity leave?

How do you credibly sign new contracts when you can’t see your toes?

How do you set limits on your business for the benefit of your baby, when you’ve never had to before?

The Pregnant Entrepreneur, available at Amazon and other online retailers starting April 2011, will help address and answer these questions and more.    Please email us if you’d like to be the first to get your copy.