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Thank you for purchasing The Pregnant Entrepreneur. I sincerely hope the ideas and information in the book helps you to achieve all of your goals. The business forms in the appendix are provided here to allow you to customize your planning for your business easily.  I’d love to hear how you are using these forms and which ones you find most helpful. You can email me at

Free Downloads for Pregnant Entrepreneurs

Appendix A, p201, Super Simple Business Plan

Appendix B, pp202-203, Birth Plan Example

Appendix C, pp204-205, Super Simple Weekly To-Do List

Appendix D, pp206-207, Super Simple Staffing Support Plan

Appendix E, p208, Board of Advisors Update

Appendix F, p209, Maternity Leave Expenses Projection Tool

Appendix G, p210, Super Simple Pregnancy Profit and Loss Snapshot for Maternity Leave

Appendix H, p211, Super Simple Marketing Plan

Appendix I, p212, Super Simple Marketing Diary

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