The End of Nursing

The thing about being a pregnant entrepreneur is that, God willing, you eventually get to be a mompreneur.  Such is my wonderful life.  With almost 5 years of parenting under my belt, I still remember those fears I had while pregnant (both times) about how I was going to manage parenting and add it to my well-orchestrated days. Today, I have a funny story share.

Just last week, my youngest (code named Lambchop) gave up nursing over the holidays.  Yes, I nursed nearly continuously through constant operations of my business.  The frequency whittled down to just bedtime snuggles.  Then, yesterday…

Lambchop:  Mama, numnum?

Me: No, honey. All done. Hugs?

I saw her little face screw up into that face right before a tantrum hits.  Then…

Wait for it….

Lambchop:  Cheeeeeesh?


I’ve been replaced by a stick of cheddar.  I wish all of motherhood was so easy.


My hope is that some newly pregnant mom will read this post and be struck by these truths:

1.  You can do anything while working, even nurse for a very long time.

2. Kids grow up way faster than we think.  Remember, the years are short even while the days are long.

3. Your kids will eventually give you your body back,  even while they take your shoes. 

2 thoughts on “The End of Nursing

  1. Funny story! And I can relate. A mompreneur secret I never anticipated: nursing is the best way to keep an infant quiet while I’m on a conference call.

    • Yes, that works great, especially if you have a speaker phone, but not so great if you are the presenter on the call and can’t sneak away to lay down a sleeping, well-fed baby

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