Mom’s Advice in ‘Why I’m Quitting Google’ Letter Should Become Corporate Policy Everywhere

The epic message to YouTube’s CEO got a response. By Cristina Tcheyan July 30, 2019

This was published on on July 30, 2019. Please go read it, especially if you are in a position to change policy at your company, your state, or the federal government.

This thoughtful review of what companies can do to retain smart women is a must read. It ends with:

” The past several months being with and around my children throughout the day have felt right for me. I’d wanted to not only survive this time when they’re young, which will be over before I know it, but to really relish in it. In my case I was able to choose to be home with my kids, but, for many, working full-time or taking care of one’s children full-time is a financial necessity. In an era of record high corporate profits (U.S. companies earned $2.3 trillion last year), and absent federal policies, it’s time to push those that can affect actual change, today, to enable more choices for American families. Write your CEO. “

Thanks, Cristina, for your voice in the state of families in the US today.

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